Citizen Om Facials

Citizen Om facials are designed as rituals to nourish your entire mind, body and spirit. Through our rituals, we incorporate meditation so that you can feel more radiant on the outside, grounded and loving on the inside. 


Products are selected very carefully at Citizen Om. Our skincare brands not only share our ethos, but are also certified organic and uses the highest quality ingredients which are safe and feels luxurious.

AIKA Clarifying Ritual (Kapha)


Organic pure plant ingredients combine with the detoxifying properties of Green Argiletz Clay rich in active earth minerals to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. A refining skin exfoliation, marma face massage, aromatic essences and elixirs to enliven your skin and uplift your emotions. An Ayurvedic Herbal detox mask rich in extract of Tulsi, Clove, Neem and Dandelion aid in decongesting and purifying your skin. Perfect for clearing congestion and balancing oil production, and anytime you feel the need for a deep clarifying cleanse.


60 minutes: $120


 AIKA Peaceful Ritual (Pitta)

Boost your skin’s hydration and comfort with this soothing treatment that reduces inflammation, irritation and sensitivity. Powerful healing and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic botanical ingredients are carefully blended with Pink Argiletz Clay to strengthen the capillaries, balance pH and repair the skin’s barrier function. A soothing Rose Renewal Mask rich in three different type of Rose combined with Marshmallow and Aloe will infuse your skin with hydration and calm. You will be refreshed with aromatic compresses and tonic that infuse essential hydration and nourishment into your skin along with marma face massage. 

This facial is perfect when your skin is feeling reactive or sensitive to restore vital moisture and impart a calm and softened protected skin. 

60 minutes – $120

AIKA Vitalising Ritual (Vata)

Replenish lost moisture, and saturate your skin with powerful glow inducing organic Ayurvedic ingredients full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids to boost your skin’s repair function and reduct the appearance of fine lines. Your skin will be deeply cleansed and gently exfoliated to assist with circulation. Enjoy warming aromatic compresses and our marma facial massage to infuse hydration and bring back your skin’s vitality. Then rest while we apply a Honey Hydration mask to repair, brighten and deeply nourish. This facial is the perfect treatment to restore vital moisture to your skin and impart a smooth, plump appearance.

60 minutes: $120

The Empress Ritual

A luxurious ritual that draws from Eastern traditions. You will be taken on an aromatic journey to rejuvenate your skin through luscious organic ayurvedic products and Eastern techniques to aid the movement of Qi – improving circulation in the face, neck, suppleness of the skin and radiance. Following a thorough facial ritual based on your dosha type, your skin will then be treated with guasha, cupping or kansa wand marma point massage.

The ritual will conclude with a soothing facial and scalp massage.

75 minutes – $150

The Chill Queen Ritual

A complete chillout and relaxing facial treatment to revitalise the skin. You will be taken on a journey of our signature holistic om facial with an added bespoke blend of cold massage consisting of jade roller, ice roller and/or liquid ice balls.
Excellent treatment to reduce redness of the skin, puffy eyes, skin inflammation. The skin will appear more firm, bright, calm and de-puffed.

75 minutes – $150